Hospital Features

Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital was developed by hospital and clinical personnel to offer safe, high-quality surgical care.

Nurse at front deskAdmitting

To help expedite the admission process on the day of your visit, our welcoming admitting clerks will register and schedule pre-admission testing two weeks prior to your procedure.


Nurse with woman in recovery roomPre-Op / Recovery

You will begin and end your stay in a calm atmosphere, where we will minimize your anxiety by maximizing your understanding of the details of your visit. Phase I is a calm environment, where you will emerge from anesthesia. The Aldrete Scoring System is used to evaluate your readiness to move to Phase II recovery, where we discuss home care and pain management instructions.

surgical suiteSurgical Suites

Our physicians perform an array of inpatient and outpatient surgeries and procedures in our state-of-the-art operating theaters. Our board certified MD anesthesiologists will care for you individually throughout your operation. You and your family will also benefit from a nurse-to-patient ratio that equals one nurse for every three patients.

physician administering anesthesiaPhysician Anesthesiologist

The physician anesthesiologist will be at your side from the time you enter the pre-op holding area until you are placed in the recovery unit, skillfully administering the anesthetic plan that has been formulated to best suit you and your surgeon’s needs.


Private recovery roomPrivate Rooms

As an inpatient facility, our one-to-three / nurse-to-patient ratio is the best in the area. This ensures that you never have to wait extended periods of time to have your needs met and foster a quick recovery by managing your pain, keeping you comfortable, and informing you about what to expect during your stay at the hospital and when you return home.

Staff filling perscriptionsPharmacy

Our pharmacists deliver the same personal and accessible care you will experience throughout the facility, and they are available day and night to offer guidance to you, your doctors, and your nurses.


Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital provides outpatient surgery for residents of Austin and Central Texas. The Austin surgery center has board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons who provide the following services for their Austin area patients:

Orthopedic surgeries performed at the Austin surgery center:

  • Hip replacement surgery in Austin
  • Knee replacement surgery in Austin
  • Shoulder replacement surgery in Austin
  • Back surgery in Austin
  • Neck surgery in Austin
  • ACL knee surgery in Austin
  • Foot surgery in Austin

Other surgeries performed at the Austin surgery center:

  • Retina surgery in Austin
  • Eye surgery / ophthalmology Austin
  • OB/Gyn surgery in Austin
  • Bariatric weight loss surgery in Austin
  • Hernia surgery in Austin
  • Cosmetic surgery in Austin
  • Spinal injections for back or neck pain in Austin
  • ENT surgery in Austin
  • Gastroenterology surgery in Austin