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Rotator Cuff Arthroscopy

anatomy of anterior and posterior views of rotator cuff musclesArthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique that uses a camera, tiny incision holes, and specialized tools that allow the orthopedic surgeon to fix rotator cuff tears usually through 3-4 very small incisions, usually less than ½ inch long. Arthroscopic surgery drastically speeds up recovery time and is less intrusive on the body. The rotator cuff tear is repaired by suturing the torn tendon back to the humerus. Recovery is less painful and scars are less noticeable.

During surgery for a rotator cuff tear, the surgeon removes debris from the damaged shoulder cuff tendon. This is called a debridement and is typically completed arthroscopically. Next, if bone spurs are present, the surgeon will next smooth the acromion area to prevent the acromion from pinching the tendon.