Notes and Disclaimers

The following pricing is subject to change at any time. Pricing listed may not reflect the total amount due on a claim, nor does it reflect your financial responsibility as a patient. Pricing and services below reflect a typical encounter; however, your physician may render a different variation of services to provide you the best level of care. The amount you pay may be less than what is reflected here.

The inclusion of pricing below does not indicate that a service is covered under your benefit plan. Likewise, the exclusion of a service below or pricing at $0 does not indicate that a service is not covered by your health plan, not offered by our facility, nor that the service may come at no cost to you.

"Included in primary procedure" indicates that, typically, the specified service is not separately priced; rather, it is considered packaged with the primary procedure. However, any variation in services provided – including whether individual services below are provided along with other services, rather than independently – can cause variation in pricing, due to payor policies.

Texas Medicaid utilizes a unique payment methodology for inpatient services that does not align with the coding reflected here; however, a median pricing estimate is shown in the grid. Your plan's rate may be more or less, depending upon the care you receive.

Workers' Compensation rates reflected below are based on claims filed in Texas. Rates may vary depending on the state in which the injury claim is filed.

Reimbursement by health plans can vary based on many factors including but not limited to benefit structures, diagnosis and case by case circumstances. Patients should always consult with their health plans and physician(s) to validate treatment and cost planning decisions.

Physician and other professional charges are not reflected here, as our facility does not negotiate such fees. These services may be separately billable by the physician/professional provider.

Please contact Richard Peters, Chief Operating Officer (512-346-1994, with any questions or for patient price estimates.